Why Spiderban?

  • Unrivaled results at a fair price
  • Cobwebs Removed - We make the effort to remove all cobwebs that we practically can so your home will look spider proofed when we're done and stay looking great for 12 months
  • Clotheslines, garden sheds and recycling wheelie-bins spider proofed for free when you have your home treated
  • Professional and Safety conscious
  • Pet, Plant and Family Safe
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable technicians
  • We back our work and provide great after sales service

Is it Safe?

When applied professionally and correctly the products we use are very safe. Spiderban Pest Extermination Technicians are trained and experienced in the effective and safe application of pest control products in and around your home or business

As part of our commitment to safety without compromising on results and sustained performance, WE ONLY USE TESTED AND PROVEN, WATER-BASED, NEW ZEALAND MADE INSECT SPRAY PRODUCTS. These products are made using the latest technology and ingredients. The main active ingredient synthetic Pyrethroid is a man-made copy of nature's own pesticides, Pyrethrum. These products have been formulated specifically for our unique climatic conditions and have been approved for use in and around homes and businesses by the government regulator. We believe New Zealand made is better and safer than some of the cheaper overseas formulations on the market.

You can trust Spiderban to work safely around your home and family.