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Pest Management is a Government Approved ESSENTIAL SERVICE. We can operate at Alert Level 4 and Alert Level 3.

House Preparation

For Spider and Insect control of your home.

Spiderban Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough, West Coast, Kaikoura is dedicated to giving you the best service and results we possibly can. Our Pest Control Technicians (PCTs) are trained and experienced to deliver pest control services safely at your home.

Before Treatment After Treatment

Before Treatment

Outside Treatment

  • If your house is quite dirty as in a new subdivision with building dirt or older with lots of webs, it is good to have it washed before we spray. This will make your house look clean and new for much longer as there will be no more webs.
  • Please don’t wash your windows until we have been as there will be some over-spray on windows as an inevitable part of thoroughly treating your home. Window cleaning can be done 1-2 days afterwards. Leaving the spray on windows will not mark or damage the glass and will allow spiders and insects to pick up the product as they crawl on the panes. We recommend professional exterior window cleaning or, if doing yourself, take care not to have cleaning liquid running down over windows frames and walls below.
  • On the day we come please don't have washing drying on the outside line.
  • Bee hives within close proximity to the house should be moved away prior to treatment.
  • Sensitive plants and herbs within close proximity to the house should be moved or covered by the customer prior to treatment.
  • Outdoor bird enclosures and fish ponds need to be completely covered by the customer if these are close to the house.
  • Please ensure pet feed bowls and toys are moved away from the house prior to treatment.
  • Please ensure you clean up after any dogs prior to the treatment appointment.

Inside Treatment

Below are some preparation steps for inside treatment you should do to protect you, your family and pets. These are recommendations from the Manufacturers and will help prevent any skin irritation or similar from the products. Please ask your Technician if you would like them to walk through the home with you prior to commencing treatment.


Important to cover main food preparation area(s) of bench. Cover or put away cups and glasses, drink bottles, jug and toaster, paper towels, tissues, chopping boards, coffee makers, salt pigs, coffee, sugar, knife blocks, fruit bowls, medicines, cordless and cell phones, tablets, remotes, oil, spice, and cooking utensils etc. High-chair seat and tray covered.


Toothbrushes, towels, tissues, toilet paper and personal items put away. Cover weighing scales, make-up, soap, shampoo, body scrubbers, hair brushes etc. These can all be put in the bath, shower or sink and covered with a towel that is going to be washed.


Put the pillows under bed clothes. Pulling the duvet up over them is the most efficient way to do this. If you have any medication out or if you have a nebulizer, put it away. Make-up, shoes, clothes etc. covered or put away. Cameras, jewelry, dressing gowns etc. removed from behind doors. We do not spray into wardrobes without a specific request. If you want it done you will have to cover the clothing and shoes accordingly.


Cots and bassinets need to be completely covered to the floor with a sheet. All clothing, nappies etc. covered or put away. Toys and other such items can be put into cot or onto bed before covering. Any nappy changing area needs to be covered.


Birds, cats and dogs must be out of the house. It is a good idea to lock cat-doors to prevent cats re-entering during or soon after treatment. Bird cages must be covered or removed. Fish tanks must be covered and the air pump turned off. Dog & cat food/water bowls, dog chew toys, cat scratching posts and any pet bedding areas covered or put away.


Please cover tissues, remote controls, cordless and cell phones, tablets etc. These can be put in a pile on couch and covered with a sheet or towel. Cover computer keyboard and mouse. Children's toys and baby play mats covered or put away. Do not have washing drying inside on the day of treatment.

After Treatment

Re-entering home after treatment

You must be out of the house for at least 3 hours after treatment has been completed. Your Technician will notify you of the safe time to re-enter. It is important to make sure you have not been recently sweating before re-entering as this may increase risk of skin irritation.

On your return, open ALL doors and windows. We would like there to be air movement for 60 to 120 minutes. If it is a still day and there is little air movement, please allow the house to be open for at least 120 minutes. All the sheets and towels you use for covering can be washed in a load together, separate from other washing. It is important that you WASH YOUR HANDS thoroughly with soap and water after opening windows/doors on re-entry and removing/handling covers used.