Terms of Trade

Acceptance of Terms

All work is booked, scheduled, commenced, carried out and completed on the basis that the customer has had fair opportunity to read and accepts in their entirety the below terms and conditions. Full acceptance of the below terms and conditions is understood to have taken place unless notification in writing of non-acceptance is received prior to 6:00pm the day before scheduled work is set to commence. The below terms and conditions will be in effect from the time a booking is made and will remain in effect after work is completed.

Contracting Entity

"Spiderban Pest Control Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough, West Coast, Kaikoura"; "Spiderban Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough, West Coast, Kaikoura"; "Spiderban Pest Control"; "Spiderban Pest Extermination"; "Spiderban Pest Extermination and Control"; "Spiderban Nelson"; "Spiderban Tasman"; 'Spiderban Nelson Tasman"; "Spiderban Marlborough"; "Spiderban West Coast"; "Spiderban Kaikoura"; "Spiderban Blenheim" and "Spiderban Greymouth" are trading names of Spiderban Nelson Limited, the contracting entity.

Payment Terms

Payment in full of all accounts is required by the due date stated on the invoice.

Spiderban Nelson Ltd T/A Spiderban Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough, West Coast, Kaikoura reserves the right to pass accounts overdue by 30 days or more on to a collection agent without further notice.

Recovery of all costs involved in the debt collection process will be sought.

Interest may be charged on overdue accounts at a rate of 1.5% per month from the date the account was due.

Please make contact to discuss payment of your account should paying by the due date be an issue.

Bank details for online payments:

Account: 02-0704-0145662-000

Payment Reference:Your invoice number

Cancellation and Rescheduling Fees

Spiderban Nelson Limited reserves the right to charge a cancellation or rescheduling fee of up to 20 percent of the total quoted cost of work booked in the event the customer cancels or reschedules part or all of that work later than 6pm the day before the work was scheduled to be done. Provision for this fee is in place to cover a portion of any resultant losses from the planned allocation of product, equipment, employee time, and unavailability of the booked time for other chargeable work.
A customer may give notice of cancellation or rescheduling in person to a Spiderban Nelson Limited employee; by phone conversation with a Spiderban Nelson Limited employee; via phone voice message; via mobile phone txt message or via email.

Limitation of Liability

Cats; Dogs; Birds; Fish; Other Household Pets; Bees; Plants; Trees:

In the event that illness, injury or other such perceived or diagnosed harm to a customer's cat(s), dog(s), bird(s), fish, any other household pet(s), bees, plants and/or trees, or death thereof, may be thought to or is reported by a veterinarian, apiarist, arborist, botanist or any other such appropriately qualified person to have been possibly or likely to have been brought about or caused by Spiderban Nelson Ltd ("the company"), it's employees or agents, by way of insecticide treatment of the interior living areas, exterior cladding, roof-space, under-floor/deck areas and/or section surrounding a property, including spray-drift to non-target areas, then any potential liability for such alleged harm will be limited to the lessor of a)a refund of all invoiced monies paid for the service(s) claimed to be at fault or b)$500. If the account in question has not yet been paid then the company may, at it's sole discretion, deduct from the amount owing what it deems fair settlement up to the maximums in a) and b) above, with any money left owing to be settled by the customer on or before the due date of the original invoice. Any refund, payment or deduction made by the company to any allegedly wronged party will be made, at it's sole discretion, on the basis that the other party's acceptance of and/or benefitting from any such arrangement will be deemed to represent full and complete settlement of all current and future claims relating to the specifically raised grievance and that the payment is accepted to be a goodwill gesture made by the company and is not and should not be interpreted as acknowledgement of fault or responsibility.